Meet Mike Arbige

         I am a Christian, husband, father, and pastor – in that order. I was born and raised here in Amsterdam by my wonderful parents, Vincent and Donna. I have a beautiful and amazing wife, Merilee, and two incredible kids, Laina and Matteo. I love my family so much. After God alone, they are most important in my life. I love sports and games. I believe competition is not only fun, but invaluable. I enjoy reading theology and classic literature. Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant are my two favorite actors. I only say Merry Christmas. I don’t believe Dr. Seuss was a racist. There is nothing I would rather do on a Fall Sunday afternoon than watch NFL football.

            My life’s work is Lord of the Harvest Church, a non-denominational, Bible preaching church begun in my parent’s basement in late 2009. As a pastor, I have spent years passionately serving this community. I have done so with integrity and results. It is my hope and prayer to continue this service as mayor. I was blessed to grow up here. I want my children to know this same blessing. Yet for too long Amsterdam has been a city in distress. High taxes, low opportunity, and poor leadership has harmed us all. That needs to change. By the grace of God, it soon will. Under my leadership, Amsterdam will become a light in the darkness. She will be a sanctuary for her people, a haven of freedom and common sense.