My Pledge to You

The Bible tells us what is required of man: to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly before God (Micah 6:8). We should require nothing less of our elected officials. When mayor, my vow to Amsterdam is just that. I will work tirelessly to foster an environment of justice, mercy, and humility, both at City Hall, and the city at large. I do not claim to know everything. We will not always agree. Yet I believe in a robust marketplace of ideas, that the government of a free people demands nothing less. We may not be perfect, but we can be just. As we try our best, we need mercy. As we govern together, we must do so with humility. Through it all, we must seek to serve rather than be served. With firm reliance on divine providence, Amsterdam will become a haven of freedom and common sense. This is my pledge to you.

Faith, Family, Fiscal Responsibility

The role of government is to secure the God-given rights of man. To foster an environment where each life matters, liberty reigns, and happiness is pursued. Under my leadership, Amsterdam will be this kind of place.


We will never, under any circumstances, infringe upon the right to worship God. We will treat each person with the respect deserving of one created in God’s image. We will make sure this respect is felt by every citizen every time they come to City Hall, speak to a city employee, or need assistance with anything. Furthermore, we will work very closely with the churches and faith community to tackle many of the issues that plague our city.


We will make it our top priority to protect and strengthen Amsterdam’s families. We will have strong Police and Fire Departments. We will clean up our streets. We will enforce our speed limits and sound ordinances. We will ensure our parks and recreation activities flourish. We will protect our children and fight anything that threatens the well-being of our families.

Fiscal Responsibility

High taxes and foolish government spending is one of the biggest threats to families today. Rather than driving people away, our fiscal policy should encourage them to come. As mayor, I will do everything humanly possible to never increase the tax burden of our people. Water meters will not be put on our homes. Money will be spent wisely.


We will leave no stone unturned, and no detail forgotten. We will save the taxpayers money and time through more efficient government. Rather than tramplingĀ on freedoms and rights, we will protect them. We will be completely transparent, have an open-door policy, and truly listen to the people. We will also push for term limits for all elected offices. There will be no tolerance for any form of corruption, laziness, or incompetence that harms our people.

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